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Ambe Infrared Electric Heater


Keep the party going with an Ambe Radiant Infrared heating range. These overhead heaters offer instant and powerful infrared heat that warms you, not the air.



At nearly a metre wide, the RIR3000 is Ambe’s widest infrared outdoor heater. It generates 3.0kW of powerful, instant heat.

Please note that the RIR3000 operates using a 15amp plug and requires an electrician to install.

Output: 3.0kW
Size: 991 W x 130 H x 108 D
Weight: 5kgs
IP Rating: IP65


Smaller but still powerful, the RIR2000 provides up to 2.0kW of cosy infrared heat.

Output: 2.0kW
Size: 556 W x 130 H x 108 D
Weight: 4kgs
IP Rating: IP65


The RIR2000- Slim is Ambe’s sleekest outdoor infrared heater, with a depth of only 83mm.

Output: 2.0kW
Size: 610 W x 140 H x 83 D
Weight: 2kgs
IP Rating: IP65

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RIR2000 – 2kW, RIR2000-2kW Slim, RIR3000 – 3kW