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Escea DX1500 Gas Fireplace


Designed and made in the deep south of New Zealand, the best place to test the limits of heat and efficiency, Escea Fires are crafted with care. From concept to completion, every craftsmen takes pride in every fireplace that are made.  You can have a fireplace anywhere as Escea’s flexible flues run up, down or even sideways giving you complete design freedom.


The DX Series combines ultra-wide flame action with Escea’s Heat Ducting Technology, which provides heat into several rooms and evenly distributes heat within the same room. At 1m or 1.5m wide these gas fireplaces make a dramatic statement. Reflective side panels give the appearance of an even wider fireplace and add to the infinite flame effect.

Customise the look of your fireplace by choosing between a variety of different fuel beds and frames. With its minimalist aesthetic, the DX Series works with any interior style.

Multiroom, Escea’s Heat Ducting Technology, captures up to 90% of the available heat and carries it throughout the house via ceiling and floor vents. The ducting technology allows you to provide heat to more than one room in your home.

The DX series fireplaces can be single or double sided.  The see-through, double sided fire option is a great way to connect two spaces and makes for a dramatic room divider.

Escea Smart Heat connects your fire to your home network and give you control of your fireplace from your smartphone. Whether you’re driving home from work on a cold winter’s night or just relaxing on the couch, the perfect temperature is only a swipe away.

Zero Clearance

This fireplace is rated zero clearance so you will not need to build an expensive fire rated wall construction. You can install this fireplace directly into a plasterboard timber framed cavity and place a TV above it.

DX1500 Features

Heat Ducting

Smart Heat

Powerflue (additional cost)

Double Sided option

Zero Clearance

Reflective Side Panels

Wire Mesh Screen option


Choose from the following Fuel Bed Kits

Woodland / Black Coals / White Coals / New Zealand River Rock / White Crystalite / Black Crystalite


Like precious stones, this fuel effect creates a high end, modern look, magically reflecting moving flames from the many facets of the crystalight. This is the most contemporary fuel effect for the Escea luxury indoor fireplaces and is hugely popular. The following options are available.

White Crystalight

The white colour in the firebox creates a light airy space for gas flame performance. The play of light and shadows is mesmerising.

Black Crystalight

The black crystalight fuel bed contrasts well with the yellow flames of the fire. It works particularly well with the metallic silver Escea fascia.

Rocks and Coals

These fuel beds have irregular roundish shapes modelled on nature which can act as a welcome contrast to other room design elements. There is a slightly difference in size and final look between Escea indoor fireplace series

White Coals

The white colour in the firebox creates a light airy space for gas flame performance. The play of light and shadows is mesmerising.

Black Coals

This fuel bed has a more traditional coal effect and contrasts well with the fireplace’s yellow flames. This is an ideal choice for the light finish of a fascia. The rocks are randomly spread within the firebox.

New Zealand River Rocks

This fuel bed is based on real stones from the fast flowing alpine rivers of Southern New Zealand. The mottled, earthy tones give a unique and distinctively modern look and feel to the fireplace. The rocks are randomly spread within the firebox


Price includes Fire, Fuel Bed Kit, Ducting Fan Unit and Ducting.  Flue and optional fascia kits are additional.

Flue Kits from $995

Fascia Kits from $495




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