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ESSE 500 Plus1 Wood Burning Cooker


There are few things more satisfying than cooking a meal using the heat of a fire you’ve built yourself. Cooking on the ESSE 500 Plus 1 feels rewarding, wholesome and somewhat therapeutic!


  • Clean burning at 1.8g/kg
  • Will heat up to 5+kW
  • Single deep 25l oven with two shelf heights
  • Cast iron heat shielded firebox oven door
  • Enameled finish


No Hot Water

This cooker has a small compact ‘bakers oven’ style build with extreme quality. If you have ever contemplated a wood-burning cooker for your home, but worried you might not want to commit to using it all the time or if you’ve always wanted a cast iron range cooker, but didn’t think you had the space, the ESSE Plus 1 is the ideal solution.



  • Unique firebox glass door
  • New improved hinges – to stop doors swinging
  • Clean burning at 1.8g/kg
  • Will heat up to 5+kW
  • Single deep 25l  oven with two shelf heights
  • Cast iron heat shielded firebox oven door
  • Enameled finish
  • Unique ring style hot plate allows for wok style cooking
  • Large 450mm deep firebox allows burn times of up to 8 hours
  • Available with or without 2kW hot water boiler


The ESSE 500 Plus1 offers form and function in perfect harmony, made with cast iron and integral hinges which ensure cleaner ‘balanced’ lines.

The Plus 1 features a large firebox with a glass door behind the outer cast iron door. This door has controls to adjust the fire’s burn rate and the clear glass allows you to enjoy watching the flames while more heat is let into the room. The Plus 1 is even supplied with a barbecue shelf that fits within the firebox, so you can grill directly over the hot embers.

This wood burning cooker is the best of both worlds, combining traditional styling with modern technology to create a more eco friendly stove, ideal for smaller rooms. The Plus 1 looks stunning as a stand-alone unit, but we have developed a range of features which make it perfect for fitting alongside another ESSE. Available in a choice of 20 colours and finished to the same exacting standards as all our other cast iron cookers, the Plus 1 can be installed next to your main cooker with a continuous towel rail, kick board and colour-matched joining strip.

Available in Black or Cream colour finish, optional colour options available ex-UK.


Black & Cream $5, 995

Custom $6, 495


Domestic Hot Water

Black & Cream $6, 495

Custom $6, 995


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Additional information

Hot Water Capabilities

No Hot Water, 2kW Hot Water Boiler for Domestic Hot Water


Black or Cream, Custom Colour


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