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ESSE 905 Wood Cooker


The ESSE 905 range cooker has been designed to burn extremely efficiently so you get the most from every bit of fuel.


The firebox has the capacity to take 45cm logs, eliminating the chore of frequent refueling.




Superior Firebox

At the heart of this cooker is a quite extraordinary firebox. It is designed for continuous use and can easily be kept alight indefinitely, requiring only occasional ash removal. With good quality fuel this should be just once per month. The fuel combustion is so effective that virtually all of the fuel is ‘incinerated’ cleanly, producing maximum heat and minimal ash as a result.


Control and Flexibility

One of the characteristics that sets ESSE range cookers apart is their outstanding levels of control. The 905 continues this principle and offers a surprising degree of control over it’s functions for a wood burning cooker.


Two Stage Door Latch

When lighting the cooker the fire door can be closed, slightly ajar on the second latch setting, allowing an ‘air boost’ which helps to quickly establish the fire while keeping the door in a safe and secure position, protecting the kitchen from any sparks.


Oven Temperature Control

Cooking temperatures can be easily controlled via a sliding mechanism just inside the firebox door. Simply open to increase the oven temperature and close to maintain the desired setting.


Oven Bypass Control

A lever on the side of the flue box operates an oven bypass for the flue gases, allowing them to go straight up the flue, instead of around the ovens first. It is used when first lighting the cooker to ensure smoke is immediately drawn up the flue and also to warm the flue so that it begins to draw as quickly as possible. With the ovens heated to the desired temperature it can also be used to boost the hot plate temperature for flash frying or searing without affecting the ovens.


Afterburn2™ Technology

The secret to the clean burning of the wood-fired ESSE lies in the unique Afterburn2™ flame jet system. Because the firebox is effectively a sealed chamber, the fuel can be burnt more efficiently at a slower rate and at a very high temperature. As flames, smoke and ash particles are pulled upwards by the flue, they are forced through a super heated stainless steel matrix where high temperature air is injected, drawing the flames into a precise shape and height, across the entire surface area of the matrix which can reach temperatures in excess of 537°. A second burn is then produced just below the incandescent matrix causing any smoke and ash particles to ignite, resulting in a very clean burn. Which in turn helps to keep the flue-ways and chimney cleaner and ensures that maximum heat is produced from the fuel (WN & WD models only).


Extra Large Log Size Capacity

We designed the cooker to take large logs, up to 45cm long and 25cm in diameter, so chopping wood is kept to a minimum and refuelling is simple and mess free. If you find it easier to use smaller logs that’s okay too. The combination of efficiency and capacity means that one fuel load can run the cooker for over 12 hours (WN & WD models only).


Wood-fired Cooker Model W-35

W35 is the new wood-fired cooker with a thermostatically controlled boiler with an average boiler output of 10kW. The W35 has an optional summer running kit, which reduces the boiler output to 3.5kW to supply domestic hot water and a heat dump radiator.


Three models to choose from:

  • 905 WN: no hot water – $10, 495
  • 905 WD: 2kW domestic wet back – $10, 995
  • 905 W35: 10kW high power boiler for running radiators and domestic hot water – $13, 750

Custom colour: Additional $500


For more information on this product, click HERE.



ESSE NZ Brochure

ESSE 905 NZ Specification Sheet

ESSE Range Cookers Brochure

ESSE Rangehood Installation Information

ESSE Cleaning Manual

ESSE W35 Installation Instructions

ESSE W35 Operating Kit Instructions

ESSE W35 User Manual

ESSE WD Installation Instructions

ESSE WD Operating Instructions

ESSE WN Installation and Commissioning Instructions

ESSE WN Operating Instructions

ESSE Temperature Guide

Wood Stove Installation Hints


Additional information

Hot Water Capabilities

905WN No Hot Water, 905WD 2kW Wetback, 905W35 10kW high power boiler for running radiators and domestic hot water


Black or Cream, Custom Colour

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