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ESSE EL 13AMP Electric Slumber Cooker


The EL 13Amp has been designed to offer the ‘best of both’ in every possible sense.


It has ESSE’s classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, beautiful enameling and the reassuring ‘solidity’ of our classic range cookers… all with modern, precise electric control and responsiveness.



The EL 13Amp is one of our most innovative, eco-friendly cookers and benefits from ‘power share’ technology. Usually, the ovens and hotplate of an electric cooker are each allotted a set amount of energy.

This cooker is unique in that it ‘shares’ the total amount of energy available to the whole cooker. If you only turn on one oven it will heat extremely quickly. If you use both ovens and the hotplate, the energy will be pulsed around the cooker to where it is needed. This ‘power share’ technology means temperatures are easily maintained and cooking performance is continuously powerful.


This system is unique to ESSE and their engineers are understandably very proud of it! Like traditional range cookers, the EL 13Amp offers a small amount of constant background heat and is ready to leap into life – as soon as you’re ready to cook. If required, it can be used as a simple on/off appliance, but it will take significantly longer to reach cooking temperatures from completely cold.


The EL 13Amp’s hotplate offers the best of both hob types: a combination of heavy duty cast iron and innovative induction. This dual hotplate gives you the freedom and flexibility to suit your mood and the two hobs can be controlled separately.


This easy-to-use cooker has two capacious, solid ovens and a full-width grill. Like the hobs, the ovens can operate entirely independently of each other. Both ovens offer even cooking temperatures thanks to ESSE’s ‘wrap around’ elements which heat from all sides. Believe it or not, you can even cook in trays placed directly on the base of the oven. A spacious plate-warming cupboard is housed behind the left-hand door of the EL 13Amp: helping you to serve perfectly-presented meals without them going cold and saving a little time on the drying up!


The EL 13Amp simply requires two 13Amp plug sockets, so it couldn’t be easier to fit. With no flue or external vents to consider, it can be positioned virtually anywhere.

Black or Cream: $13, 995

Custom Colour: $14, 495


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Black or Cream, Custom Colour


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