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Thermalux Dynamic 3500


This hydronic heating boiler is cleverly designed, with waterways and smoke paths to achieve maximum heating from its compact size.


  • Recommended for heating areas up to 300m2
  • 35kW boiler
  • Flue damper control
  • Simple and easy to use


The operation of the Dynamic 3500 Boiler like all Metal Dynamic products has been kept simple.

The Dynamic Boiler has three air intakes, (two in solid door models) the lower controlled by a spin wheel on the ashpan door, a slide on the bottom of the firebox door and an air wash at the top of the door (the top control is only on units with a glass door fitted, as it aids in burning the glass clean).

The boiler also has a flue damper control operated by a level on the side of the boiler.



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