Metro Fires LTD Xtreme Rad - WOODY


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LTD Xtreme Rad Woody – 18kW

The LTD Xtreme Rad – Woody is designed for lifestyle and rural properties delivering a peak heat output of 18kW to warm your home while also providing convenient wood storage. The generous door glass provides the perfect flame view to enjoy on those cold winter nights. The unique firebox design offers longer burn times ensuring winter warmth, cooking and water heating are all dominant features of this model. Either a 3 or 4kW wetback can be fitted to assist with your water heating requirements.

Model LTD (2 hectares+ land size)
Peak output 18kW
Heating area 200m2 / 4 bedroom home
Finish Metallic black paint
Wetback Optional 3kW or 4kW wetback