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Ultra Built-In VE package – 15kW

Designed for installation into a timber framed cavity with the Ultra Insert VZCC and ECO Built-In flue kit. Firebox construction of solid 6mm NZ made steel and firebrick lined for maximum radiant heat. The whisper-quiet convection fan enhances air flow around the inner cabinet of the firebox increasing the transfer of heat into the room to maximise efficiency. Fascia finished in gloss black enamel. Optional fascia base rail if required.

Package includes: Firebox, fascia, Ultra Insert VZCC and ECO Built-In flue kit.

Model Ultra low emission
Peak output 15kW
Heating area 150m2 / 3 bedroom home
Finish Gloss black enamel
MfE # 194338 (NES) / 194337 (ECan CM1)
Emission 0.42gms (NES) / 31.0mg/MJ (ECan CM1)
Efficiency 66% (NES)