Bull Kamado Ceramic Egg BBQ


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What is Kamado cooking all about?

The key benefits of kamado cooking are that food cooks quicker, remains moist, there’s no need for constant tending of the charcoal and a ceramic grill is extremally economical on charcoal consumption. That's what differentiates a ceramic kamado from other kettle style smokers.

You can use a kamado (ceramic BBQ) as both a grill and a smoker but there’s more to it than that. Using it like a traditional oven gives wonderful results and the high temperatures you can achieve also make great pizza or tandoor style cooking.

Its big! You can cook 20 pounds of Turkey, 20 burgers, 8 whole chickens, 10 steaks or 10 racks of ribs vertically. Equivalent dimensions to the Kamado Joe - Big Joe 1 and the XL Big green egg. Save thousands of dollars with this premium alternative.

Available in Red Only Material: ceramic, iron, clay Grill dimensions (Dia.): 58.93 cm Grid dimensions (Dia.): 51.82 cm

The Bull Kamado comes as a complete package which includes:

  • BBQ rain cover
  • Heat deflector
  • Ash tool
  • 4kg bag of Briquette or Lump charcoal

Pick up or viewing available in our Hastings showroom at Fourth Element.