Eco Grill


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An effortless environmentally friendly cooking option.

EcoGrill is the best solution for cooking outdoors. Made from the highest quality alder wood and alder charcoal, it uses an eco light-up element which requires only a single match to start. This unique design which has two international patents, allows it to be lit quickly without the use of chemical igniters.

By using only natural products, Ecogrill will make your meal taste like you have cooked it on an open fire.

No Waste - Body and charcoals made from 100% alder wood.

No Chemicals - Nothing artificial to ruin the flavour of your food.

No Clean Up - All wood construction burns out when finished.

● Only natural ingredients
● Starts up fast
● Long burning time and great heat
● Burns itself down
● Needs only a match to start
● Works great in standard metal grills
● Works great as an individual grill
● Alder wood adds very good taste
● Surface fits well with pans, teapots, etc