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With all the authenticity of a wood-burning fire but the added convenience of not needing to buy or store logs, an ESSE gas stove is the perfect addition to any modern home. Available in classic or contemporary style, an ESSE gas stove will fit into any interior design scheme. This contemporary fire offers a clear view of the fire through a single door with a large viewing window.

If you're looking for a gas stove that combines an excitingly clean and minimal look with all of ESSE's traditional virtues of robust construction and meticulous craftsmanship, this is the one for you; the contemporary version of our classic G200 stove.

In terms of heating performance, the G225 has an impressive output of up to 4.9kW, together with an energy-efficiency rating of 78.3%.

Another similarity you'll appreciate is the extra large window that enables you to enjoy a wide-screen view of the incredibly life-like fire.

But when it comes to styling well, this is a very different, and much sleeker animal, thanks to those striking stainless steel pillars (which can also be specified in black, if you prefer).

Glowing flame and realistic log effect
Impressive Heat output 4.9kW
No air vent required
Auto Safety Shut off
Pulse Spark ignition

Efficiency 78.3%
Control Remote or Manual with pulse spark ignition
Heat output 1.8 - 4.9kW
Flue type Class 1 or Class 2
Auto safety shut off? Yes
Air vent required?  No