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The Galaxy Rosa is a 4 person spa with enough room to sit comfortably and let the 22 massage jets take care of your body.

Galaxy Spas is New Zealand’s premier spa pool brand and are built with the kiwi lifestyle in mind. Choose from a simple whirlpool to a sophisticated hydrotherapy spa, there is a model in the range to suit everyone.  By having a spa pool, you can reap the huge health benefits and spending just 20 minutes a day can help to heal the body and mind.  In addition, it will also assist in aiding blood flow and circulation and also help muscles to recover and relieve stress and tension.  This will leave you feeling totally restored and relaxed.

We have designed our spa’s to provide the ultimate deep tissue massage, with precise jet placement and spacious ergonomic seating. Position the premium self cleaning jets perfectly to target muscles wherever they are needed for a complete hydro massage.  Experience the welcoming warmth of the water and relax in your personal space and combine with aromatherapy fragrances.    Stimulate your senses and soak away worries, aches and pains.  You can even program the mood lighting to enhance your mood and relaxation.

The fully enclosed cabinet has a closed cell foam on the shell and is lined with foil insulation to suit New Zealand’s climate. Our ECO SPA technology has been specifically designed to ensure your spa is cost effective to run so that it’s the right temperature and ready for you to enjoy regularly. The state of the art water management system reduces the amount of additives required to keep your water crystal clear so you get the most enjoyment from your spa. We feel these top quality components and solid construction combined together give you the perfect spa pool experience.

Sterling marble/slate grey colour combination.