Metro Fires Ultra Tiny Rad


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Ultra Tiny Rad – 14kW

Metro Fires new approved ULEB is the Ultra Tiny Rad. It’s impressive performance delivers a tested peak output of 14kW of warmth to your home. The firebox design and radiant output enables you to heat your home to a nice, even temperature. Firebox construction of 6mm NZ made steel and firebrick lined with a 6mm cooktop. The Ultra Tiny Rad is just like your traditional wood burner offering simple operation and maintenance with impressive heat output.

Ultra low emission Clean air approved
Peak output 14kW
Heating area 140m2 / 2-3 bedroom home
Finish Metallic black paint
Wetback N/A
MfE # 210658 (NES) / 210657 (ECan CM1)
Emission 0.43gms (NES) / 32.5mg/MJ (ECan CM1)
Efficiency 68% (NES)