Metro Fires ECO Option Kit


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ECO Option Kit – Galvanised Liner

The ECO Option Kit is an additional kit installed with the ECO Flue Kit to suit homes without a vented ceiling cavity or homes that feature a sloping ceiling. Ventilation is drawn into the flue liners from outside the home allowing all the heat generated by the wood fire to remain inside the home.

With a Metro ECO Flue Kit your home will be heated sooner and more efficiently. Once your home is heated to your desired temperature the fire can be turned to a lower setting consuming less firewood, saving you money.

Another performance benefit is the enhanced draw of the ECO cowl. The rocket shaped ECO cowl creates an upward vortex inducing updraft to the flue gases increasing draw and improving the performance and heat output of your wood fire.

Available in ECO Option Kit – Stainless Steel Liner