Napoleon Apollo AS300K Charcoal Grill & Water Smoker


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This 3 in 1 grill from Napoleon can go from compact and portable charcoal grill to a full-sized smoker in a matter of moments.

No grilling enthusiast's yard is complete without the Napoleon Apollo 300 Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker. It is a traditional charcoal smoker with tremendous versatility

A heavy gauge porcelain enameled body circulates the smoke throughout the 3 tired chambers around food. The unique access doors allow you to add more charcoal or wood chips at any point throughout the cooking process. Control the burn rate and temperature of the charcoal with the sliding vents at the top and bottom of this grill. Temperature monitoring is easy with the built-in ACCU-PROBE  temperature gauge. There are temperature eyelets at each level for further monitoring.  Add fragrant steam to your smoked foods using the 10 L (2.6 gal.) water pan. Use the included meat hooks to hang foods for smoking too.  Start a new hobby, or take your grill mastery to a new level with the Apollo 300 Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker.


 Temperature eyelets at each grill level provide access for inserting a thermometer probe
 ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge and rust free air vent
 Hinged, tightly fitting doors with easy access to the water pan and charcoal basket
 Each cooking chamber (stacker) contains a 41 cm cooking grate
 Multiple vents for excellent temperature control
 3 in 1 Apollo smoker grill for wet and dry smoking or as a stand alone charcoal grill with lid
 Upper lid contains a horizontal bar with 5 hooks for hanging fish, ribs or sausages

Total Cooking Area: 3600 cm
Diameter: 48 cm