OzPig Enamel BBQ Plate


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All BBQ plates are not created equal, which is why we decided to supply our own. Perfectly designed to fit over the Ozpig's top opening, the round 270mm plate is ideal for all your barbecue style cooking.

With a hardwearing, quality enamel coating it's super easy to use, clean and look after too. The enamel coating means that it's virtually non-stick, so you can cook up some Sunday morning pancakes or perfect eggs with ease.

You'll spend less time cleaning up too, because the enamel coating cleans easily in hot, soapy water. Even sticky meat marinades and melted cheese wipe off easily. There's no need to season or oil the plate after use, and it will stay rust free.

But there is one important rule if you want your plate to last only use silicon or nylon cooking utensils on the plate to avoid scratching the enamel coating.