PureQ No3 Gamma - IR Laser Gun Thermometer



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PureQ delivers the laser gun you've always wanted - our very own IR (infrared) thermometer. Unlike your average stormtrooper, the PUREQ IR never misses; delivering immediate & accurate surface reads so you can up your BBQ or cooking game anytime, anywhere.

Please note that this IR thermometer is not appropriate for pizza ovens as it only reaches 380°C. For measuring pizza stone temps, we recommend the Ooni IR Thermometer which measures up to 600°C.


  • Quick and efficient: you just press the trigger and let the laser do the work, it will show the temperature accurately with very short response time
  • Laser show: great distance-spot ratio ( 12 : 1 ) offers accurate results for longer distance compared with other thermometers
  • Look but don't touch: Measure the surface temperature without any contact needed
  • Pistol-shape: Bring out your inner Bond with our pistol-shape design making it easy and comfortable to hold
  • Light it up: Backlit display makes for an easy read in any condition - Night & Day
  • Unit conversion: it supports Centigrade and Fahrenheit conversion to meet different requirements
  • Power up: it just needs one 9V batteries for power & gives a warning when running low
  • Power down: Automatic on/off for added convenience


  • Temp Range -50 ~ 380 ° C
  • Accuracy: ± 1.0 ° C
  • Distance: 12m
  • Response time 500 MS
  • Laser target
  • ABS Material
  • Low Battery alert & Auto Power Off
  • Battery type 9V heavy duty battery (1 provided)
  • One year warranty