Pyro Mini


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The long awaited Pyro Mini is now available suitable for homes up to 140m².  It has been New Zealand's cleanest, most efficient wood fire for more than 30 years. We are now pleased to announce that this awesome little Pyro is now a certified Ultra Low Emissions Burner (ULEB)

PYRO FIRES have led the market in efficiency and clean air excellence for more than 40 years and are now a clean air approved Ultra Low Emissions Burner (ULEB)

Small but perfectly formed, the much awaited Pyro Mini is now available. It's unique cylindrical ceramic fire chamber at 35mm thick retains heat like a kiln, a big difference from the industry standard fire bricks, which are incapable of this level of heat storage. This means it is the only clean air-approved fire to provide a genuine 12 hour+ overnight burn.

The Pyro Mini is suitable for homes less than 140m² and provides both radiant and convection heating, and with a 10mm steel top plate, it's also perfect for cooking. Then there's the optional, high output 1.5kW wetback booster, providing you with a sustainable and affordable solution for water heating.

If the traditional black box-style wood fire isn't for you, the Pyro Mini is all about colour, with a range of more than 100 colours, from bold and bright to classic neutrals.

For larger homes, check out the Pyro Classic