Bio - Simple Silver Water Treatment



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One step, once a year, for total spa pool enjoyment.

The no worries spa pool treatment.

Just set and forget. No other water treatments required for 12 months. Hassle and maintenance free.

Instead of a cocktail of chemicals to keep your spa pool safe and clean, your single block of simplesilver does all the work. All you need to do is keep your filter clean. It's that simple. Now, lie back and enjoy.

About Simple Silver

Simplesilver is a combination of naturally occurring minerals and a small amount of silver oxide encapsulated in soluble silicon.

Simplesilver is proven safe and used in spa pool water treatment around the world.

Simplesilver comes to you packaged in a rigid plastic container for easy use.

Thousands of spa pools all over New Zealand remain clean and clear year after year thanks to Simplesilver.

Placed in your spa pool, Simplesilver gradually releases its minerals into the water, killing bacteria, removing contaminants and limiting the formation of scale and rust.

All Simplesilver needs to work well is a good flow of water passing over it, so you can place Simplesilver just about anywhere you like in your spa pool.

Since ancient times, silver has been known and used for its anti-bacterial properties. The key ingredient in Simplesilver, silver oxide, is used in water purification applications around the world. It has even been impregnated in toothbrushes to help fight bacteria