Thermalux Christo Wood Heater


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Enjoy the ambiance of a real log fire through the extravagantly large glass door or when the occasion calls, simply lift away the special double acting door to reveal the charm and atmosphere of the flickering flames of a real open fire.

Your house will become a home with the wonderful rich warmth that only the luxury of wood fire heating can provide. This combined with the cost savings gained through the burning of natural renewable fire wood - an important consideration with renewable energy playing such a vital role in today's world. 

The Christo has the potential of providing the highest heat output of any heater and can warm up to 400m2 of living area (35 kW space heating output). The large capacity firebox not only provides a generous heat output but also allows for extended burn times between refuelling, an important consideration with today's busy lifestyle.

The Christo is no ordinary inbuilt wood heater - it is a steel unit designed to be built into a brick cavity to create thermal mass - the ultimate way of storing heat.

The Christo can be single or double sided with glass that can be slid up to become an open fire. Add the heat from the glass plus the heat from the water and this unit can heat a seriously large space.