Thermalux Gourmet Cooker


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The Gourmet is a combination cooker-heater with a large cook top surface, huge glass front self cleaning oven, thermometer for accurate temperature control and a unique venting system which allows easy control of oven temperatures.

The Gourmet Cooker is a combination cooker & heater, offering a number of hot water solutions.

Four options to choose from:

    • Gourmet Dry - No hot water
    • Gourmet 5kW boiler - Perfect for heating domestic hot water
    • Gourmet 8kW boiler - Perfect for hot water and one or two radiators
    • Gourmet 15kW high power boiler - Perfect for multiple radiators


  • Slow combustion wood stove
  • Large cook top surface
  • Two hot plate access lids for wok cooking
  • Huge 43L oven with large glass door - D350mm x W440mm x H280mm
  • Steel fire box, brick lined
  • Can heat up to 100+m2
  • Oven thermometer for accurate temperature control
  • Unique venting system which allows easy control of oven temperatures.
  • Massive firebox with glass door

The firebox is above the oven, giving excellent hotplate temperatures and reducing the amount of bending when refuelling.

Excellent heating ability with a large firebox with easy controls - the unit has the ability to heat up to 100+m2 or adjusted down to just tick over to give background warmth. See the flames through the self cleaning glass on the firebox door, a feature not usually associated with cooking stoves.

The Gourmet is as much at home in the family or living room as in the kitchen where its dual purpose makes it a very cost efficient option.