Traeger Sauces & Rubs


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Sweet and Heat Sauce - The name says it all—sweet molasses and apricot unite with peppery heat for a dream team of flavor. Slather it on a pork loin while you roast it to perfection on the Traeger.

Traeger Que Sauce -  Put the “que” in your BBQ with this versatile sauce. Sweet brown sugar and smoky hickory are cut with tangy vinegar for a sauce made in taste bud heaven

Apricot Sauce  - Our most popular sauce is back and better than ever. It’s tangy and sweet, with a little kick, and ready to meet your meatloaf, pork or chicken

Texas Spicy Sauce - Kickass wings are a bottle of Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce away. Douse everything from game day wings, to a pulled pork sandwich.

Sugar Lips Glaze - Kiss your next BBQ creation with our Sugar Lips Glaze. This family recipe was born in Kansas City and now it’s ready to be shared with the world.

Signature BBQ Sauce - Traeger’s Signature BBQ Sauce features a combination of sweet and savory flavors that go great on beef, pork, and chicken. Brush it on or leave on the side for dipping—your guests will thank you.


Beef Rub - Beef up your BBQ routine with our Beef Rub. Featuring brown sugar and chili pepper, it pairs perfectly with our Sweet & Heat sauce

Chicken Rub - Here's the rub down. Slap it on to make every bird bold, juicy, and oh so succulent.

Pork & Poultry Rub - Apple and honey flavor join forces to guarantee your chicken and pork creations are damn delicious.

Prime Rub - We’ve got beef with boring BBQ. Hit your prime rib, or other beef cuts, with this seasoning packed with garlic, herbs, and addictive flavour.

Traeger Rub - Our house rub is ready to tackle any protein you’ve got. This crazy versatile combo features garlic and chili pepper notes and will quickly become a seasoning staple.

Coffee Rub - Wake up your taste buds. No matter what part of the cow you choose, shake it on to make it legendary.

Fin & Feather Rub - Whether your catch is from Sea or Land, rub em right with a savory hint of garlic, perfectly paired with zesty paprika. Take your meal to new heights with a rub that will certainly make a splash.

Jerky Rub - Unleash your wild side and pack some serious flavor into your savory protein snack. With subtle hints of sea salt and a zesty pinch of chili pepper, your on-the go- fuel never tasted so good.

Vege Rub - Loaded with fresh herbs, garlic, paprika, and chili pepper, this rub makes veggies, meat, and fish damn near irresistible. Give your veggies a hefty dose of delicious with just a few shakes of our Veggie Rub.

Blackened Saskatchewan Rub - This smokin' blend of spices heralds from the traditional fare of the great North and has a slow-building peppery heat that will fire up any game, beef, fish or poultry.

Realtree Big Game - From the field to your Traeger, this  exclusive sweet n' spicy rub will pack trophy flavor into any game meat.