Under the Hood BBQ Sauce 350ml



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The Story of the SAUCE
This liquid thriller is our very own signature Barbecue sauce that goes well with everything!
It was born out of demand for a flavour explosion. Something that we originally used in our 
catering with our pulled pork has now taken on a life of its own.
We believe that flavour comes first. It’s smooth and tangy. It has a tiny whisper of heat, but 
don’t worry if you don’t like spicy, this is still perfect for you. It has subtle sweet tones 
derived from the very best quality brown sugar, and of course made with a lot of love.
It is vegan friendly, has no gluten or dairy in any of the ingredients and will last in your fridge 
for up to a year. Actually that last part was a lie - it will be devoured long before it will 
expire. For those that are hungry for the perfect condiment compliment, this 350ml bottle is 
for you.