Ziggy Portable Grill


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The Portable Grill offers superior quality, exceptional performance and ultimate portability in a barbeque. 

    • Compact design with unique roll-back hood
    • Big enough to cook a roast
    • Perfect for camping and caravanning
    • Available in Chilli Red or Gunmetal Grey
    • 5 year warranty on firebox and hood

Awarded the Good Design Selection in 2015. A compact, high performance BBQ that will change the way you barbeque in the great outdoors.

The Portable Ziggy boasts a powerful burner and innovative design making it the ultimate BBQ for every outdoor occasion from entertaining guests on your inner city balcony, to picnic lunches, beach trips, camping and caravanning.

Its high-domed, roll-back hood is a unique Ziegler & Brown design. It can be used open or closed for incredible versatility when cooking and grilling. Whether you're preparing a succulent roast for dinner or frying up bacon and eggs for breakfast, with the portable Ziggy your barbeque cooking options are endless.

For transport or storage, the hood rolls back right under the BBQ. The hood and cooking grill lock in place making it simple and very compact to carry.

The Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill delivers superior quality, exceptional performance and mouth-watering results, all wrapped up in stylishly compact design!